You sound like Elliot Rodgers who shot up my alma mater because he couldn’t get laid. He was a good looking rich guy who felt he should be handed beautiful women because he was good looking and rich. And yet, he still couldn’t get laid. I’m willing to bet it’s because he had a shit personality. And why do you keep yelling at me about the wage gap? I never said anything about the wage gap. Jesus.

My first answer to guys not being able to get dates online was they must have bad profiles and/or pictures, not their attitude. I know wildebeest looking men who have wives. Everyone on My 600 LB Life has a partner/fiance/spouse. And as I said before, I have plenty of guy friends who are broke as shit with low paying or no jobs, no car, and still manage to get laid because they don’t have shit personalities. There are plenty of women out there ready, willing and able to take the lead in a relationship, do all the pursuing, traveling, and paying for dates. They date musicians/actors/writers/artists/creatives who are historically penniless and have zero klout. Why? Because they don’t have shit personalities. Weird.

It sucks that guys can’t dress like shit and groom themselves poorly, and not land hot dates. Women can’t either. I’ve been trying to say that NO ONE who puts no effort into their online dating profile and pictures can expect any kind of success. But you so desperately want to be the victim so have it: men are victims who have no control over their online dating success. This is my last reply. I’m bored repeating myself. Enjoy your victimhood.

Written by

Weird Girl, thrift store owl collector, heartbreaker, lush, aspiring adult. IG: DocJohnnyFever

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