You Don’t Have to Text Each Other All Day

Or even every day

Niki Marinis
4 min readFeb 27


Katie Dutch — used with permission

Part of being in a healthy relationship is having your own full, fabulous life.

If you have your own interests, hobbies and friends you should be too busy to be texting someone all day or waiting around to hear from them.

Do you want to be with someone who has nothing better to do than text you all day? I hope not.

If you start getting anxious when a few hours go by and you haven’t heard from them, or even worse, if it’s only been an hour, you need to revaluate your life.

You’re either incredibly insecure with little to no self-esteem, desperately clinging to outside validation from your partner (or anyone else) that you’re still a good, lovable, worthy person, or you don’t trust your partner.

If you don’t trust your partner, stop dating them.

Did they do something to deserve this mistrust or are you insecure and paranoid? No one should have to report their whereabouts except an underage child to their parent.

If you texted a question about plans and they haven’t responded… maybe they’re busy. In the middle of something, on a call, working, showering, left their phone in the car or another room.

If you really need an answer… call them. These handheld computers ARE phones. Email them, call them on another line.

“I know they’re not doing any of those things! Their phone isn’t really dead, they didn’t ‘not hear it’, they’re ignoring me!”

Then stop dating them. Or, really, get a hobby. Pay more attention to how they treat you in real life.

Are they on social media and not texting you back? First of all, stop stalking them online. Second, maybe they’re taking care of mindless stuff before they focus on a conversation with you.

That’s exactly what I was doing instead of texting my then-boyfriend back, and when he asked me why I was on social media instead of texting him back, I explained it to him.

Creating event invites for my comedy shows and cross promoting them on pages and in groups on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram was simple, easy business I could get done and out of the way so I could then…



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