Yes, I sometimes get interesting, non-douche, non-skeevie messages. I have at least a dozen conversations where the men stopped responding. Seems like most of these guys want a pen pal as most of the time they fail to ask for a date. In 11 years I’ve been on many dates, a and a handful of second dates. Zero relationships. Nothing even remotely close.

I have many friends who met their spouses online, mostly from paid sites like Match, Chemistry, and eHarmony, and some from Tinder and even Craig’s List! I don’t think I’m set up for instant relationships/romantic encounters. I’d rather be friends first and ease into something. And friends for months, not three dates. 😂

Written by

Weird Girl, thrift store owl collector, heartbreaker, lush, aspiring adult. IG: DocJohnnyFever

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