Validation Nation: Vaguebooking!

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Tonight’s Validation Nation installment: Vaguebooking! Also known as being passive aggressive, attention whore-y, or just plain annoying.

Why post the exciting news you have when you can just tell people you HAVE exciting news to share… and then not share it?! Ignore all questions about said news or reply to every comment with, “You’ll find out soon!”

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Why tell people the reason you’re in the hospital when you can just post a picture of the IV in your arm, tag yourself at the hospital, and comment, “Having the worst day!😣” and then ignore every question anyone asks you about what happened and if you’re OK?!

Think you can’t talk shit about someone without mentioning them? Au contraire, mon frère! Let the shit talking fly with any number of vague, passive aggressive statements:

*One persons trash is another persons treasure!

*Oh life, you continue to surprise me!

*At least I know I was there first.

*Next time you stab me in the back, do it to my face!

*Be gone before somebody drops a house on you, too!

*You only get one chance with me and you fucked up!

*This Basic Bitch making fun of Basic Bitches is so basic!

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Be sure to ignore any questions asking for details and/or choose one comment to reply to with, “I’ll tell you later, girl. Too much drama!”

Why hide your jealousy or insecurity or anger when you can turn it into a Validation Goldmine? Every like and comment is another precious drop of self worth you’re passing up if you don’t milk every minute shift of emotion for all it’s got!

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You can get validation from announcing you have news and then MORE validation when you actually announce the news! Talk shit about people while pretending that everyone doesn’t know exactly who you’re talking about! Self-delusion is a cornerstone of Validation Nation. 👍 Get out there and tap that well! #ValidationNation #VNBB

Welcome to Validation Nation! Be sure to check out our premiere article on Attention Whoring at It’s Finest, and our entries on Work, Hump Day, and Selfies. Stalk Niki’s ongoing investigation into the world of Basic Bitches on Twitter an Instagram.

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Weird Girl, thrift store owl collector, heartbreaker, lush, aspiring adult. IG: DocJohnnyFever

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