Relationship Oversharing on Social Media

Welcome to #ValidationNation

Katie Dutch — used with permission

Relationship oversharing!

People who constantly post about how in love they are with their impossibly incredible partner are overcompensating for the lack of emotional depth and connection in their relationship.

But if other people think things are great, then they gotta be, right?! Or things are super shitty in their relationship and they’ve been oversharing from the beginning so they’ve gotta keep up appearances now.

“Methinks she doth protest too much.” — Lady McShakespeare

There’s no reason your entire relationship needs to play out in detail via social media posts except that you’re really insecure and desperately need outside validation. Facebook has this whole Private Messages thing, or there’s this crazy new technology called texting that all the kids are using.

I’ve dubbed this brand of attention whoring #ValidationNation.

They make sure to check in with their sweetie at every bar, restaurant, outhouse, truck stop, pig farm, or public fountain they frequent. Gotta make sure everyone knows what an exciting and fulfilling relationship they have!

Look at us! Always doing such fun stuff! Privacy is for people who don’t trust each other!

Why share your most interesting experiences when you can share EVERYTHING?!

Why be in the moment, connecting with your partner, when you can be on social media convincing everyone you’re sooo connected?

And checking your posts every five minutes to collect those juicy validation likes and comments?

Your relationship is happening on your phone, not across the table from you at the bar you’re checking into. Or next to you because you’re totally a Side Sitter.

It’s far more fulfilling to date someone who’s distracted and never quite listening to you, and is always on their phone.

And selfies!

They have to post tons of pics of them as a couple at all these thrilling places to ensure everyone knows they’re together and off the market!

Look how in love we are! We are sooo in love ALL the time!

Please like my couples selfie with heart reactions so you can validate that this is indeed “what real love looks like” because I feel what tenuous, desperate, superficial, depth and emotionally connection-free grasp I had on this situationship slipping away.

Oh please dear God, validate me!!!

Do NOT let your insecurity and desperateness stop there!

Be sure to stalk your partners social media to monitor any comments that might be flirty (because they all are, right?) and answer any questions your partner is asked FOR them.

How will you reassure yourself that he’s committed to you, and make sure everyone knows he’s taken, if you don’t comment on all of his posts and pictures with:

  • My boyfriend is SO hot!
  • Isn’t my boyfriend so funny?
  • My boyfriend is such a gem!
  • #hesallmine

Being possessive is attractive! Make sure people don’t have a split second to forget that you’re a couple! Autonomy is for single jackasses.

If you spend most of your time crafting your relationship on social media, what kind of relationship is there left to have in real life?

And if you pay close attention, it’s almost always these #ValidationNation oversharing couples who end up broken up or divorced. This is not a coincidence.

Have I done these things? You’re damn right, I have. And every time I checked in on social media with my man or posted a picture of us, I tagged it with #ValidationNation. ‘Cuz I’m all about self-promotion.

You’re not supposed to never mention your relationship. There’s a big difference between showing appreciation and over-sharing, over-compensating, and trying to prove something.

You know which category you belong in.

So post those pictures! Check into those events! Just be aware of why you’re doing it.

And be sure to tag them with #ValidationNation!

Niki Marinis is your Cool Quirky Aunt with great relationship advice. Scour her pop culture obsession on Twitter and Instagram, and sign up for her newsletter here.

Weird Girl, thrift store owl collector, heartbreaker, lush, aspiring adult. IG: DocJohnnyFever

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