Do it! I, too, was recently told by my psychiatrist that she thought I had ADD. I never in my life thought I was remotely like that because I associate ADD with being easily distracted, flakey and flighty. But when I think back about things like sitting in class in high school, I can see it. I’d come in, get my notebook out, settle in, and check out. Go where my brain wanted to go with was boys or whatever creative thing was really on my mind.

Holding a job has always been hard for me because I have to actually care about what I’m doing. So the bookstore was the best job I ever had. If only it paid a living wage!

The weight of the fog I’ve been under for the last ten years specifically has been smothering. Defeating. Trapped and frustrated because I felt like I should be able to will it away, that I must be weak, if only I was stronger I’d be able to shake this off and LIVE. Every day was Groundhogs day. And, God love my parents, but they’re extremely negative, pessimistic people and living with them only made it all heavier.

I’d have a thought and then lose it. What was I saying? Words? Uh… what’s the word I’m looking for… I didn’t used to be that way. No energy yet my anxiety was through the roof. Just circling in stagnant water. Wellbutrin helped, but I needed more. My doc now has me on 200mg of Wellbutrin, 40mg of Buspar for anxiety, and 20mg of Adderall, and I finally feel more like my old self than ever.

ADD isn’t just for kids! It’s more subtle and complex than I ever gave a thought to. Adderall really has changed everything. Talk to your doc! I’m excited for you to get yourself back!

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Weird Girl, thrift store owl collector, heartbreaker, lush, aspiring adult. IG: DocJohnnyFever

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