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Guy on OKC: How was your holiday? I hope it was as marvelous as you are! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

Me: Thank you! It was alright. Yours?

Guy: Superb thank you for asking. Cool glasses and you look amazing in polka dots!

Me: Why thank you 😊

Guy: How are you this lovely evening?

Me: I’m good. You?

Guy: Great.

Me: πŸ‘

Guy: Do you like my pics also?

Me: Yeah

Guy: Can we please text and perhaps trade some selfies?

Me: No, I don’t trade pictures. 😊

Guy: πŸ’”

Me: 🎻

Guy: Very funny. I just wanted a few selfies before I slept

Me: I’m sure you did 😊

Guy: Not anymore bye

Me: I’m super broken up about it. Haha

And they say chivalry is dead. These guys know that porn on the internet is free, right? I know Tumblr shut their fun times down, but I bet you hard earned money that there is still free porn somewhere else on the internet. Taking all bets.πŸ‘


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