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Holiday Dating!

Guy was funny and cool right up to this moment.

Guy on Tinder: Let’s meet in a couple weeks.

Me: A couple of weeks? Haha

Guy: Well I’m busy next weekend and I can’t get hammered appropriately when I have to work in the mornings! What do you want Christmas Eve?

(I honestly didn’t understand that last sentence)

Me: What do I want? Uh…stuff?

Guy: No no no😑😒😟 to meet tomorrow night?

(Oh, that’s what he meant! OK)

Me: No, I have plans.

Guy: And u scoff at me for asking you out Jan 6? Did I break a convention or something and I’m an inept loser now

(Well, yes, now you are)

Me: Uh… never mind

Charming. I also like that his date plans were to get hammered.

Merry Christmas to me and the three other single people I know! #7thwheel


Niki Marinis is a comedian and lush available for all your holiday parties! Follow her glittering downward spiral on Twitter and Instagram.

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