Anyone who doesn’t present their best selves isn’t going to get far online dating. I have chubby, broke, unemployed, car-less guy friends who still live with their exes who manage to get dates because their pictures don’t suck and their profiles have personality. I’ve watched guy friends close their eyes and swipe right on absolutely everyone and get matches, then unmatch the ones they’re not interested in. The biggest deterrent to success is having a shit, “it’s them, not me” attitude about dating. I know, I used to have one. We are the only common denominator in our relationships, so if we’re not having any luck chances are we are the ones fucking something up. Putting no effort into a dating profile is a good way to fuck things up.

Written by

Weird Girl, thrift store owl collector, heartbreaker, lush, aspiring adult. IG: DocJohnnyFever

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