You just don’t like the answer

You don’t need to ask him where this is going. He’s telling you all the time.

If he’s not asking you out often, he’s not interested in a relationship. If he only texts you when he’s bored at work, he’s not interested in a relationship. …

If the shoe doesn’t fit, you can’t wear it.

I don’t believe in failed relationships. When it comes down to it, a relationship ends because two people aren’t right for each other, for whatever reasons.

A size 10 shoe doesn’t belong with a size 6. It doesn’t work. Neither are wrong for being that size, they just aren’t a…

Not unless they’ve asked for it. How to stop giving it.

I’m the queen of unsolicited advice. How did I earn this unenviable title?

Well, it’s a carefully crafted method of assuming that if you’re talking to me about your love life, you want my opinion on everything you’re doing wrong.


You’ll be shocked to hear that it often falls…

Three reasons you got ghosted

You went on a great date. You’ve played it cool, but you still haven’t heard from him. Why hasn’t he called? The date went well, didn’t it?

There are three reasons that guy isn’t calling.

There was no mutual connection

Within minutes of meeting up with him for your first date, you were overcome with…

You had the power all along.

I’m a Big Fan of telling people to accept everyone exactly as they are, right here, right now, in this very moment.

I harp on it because I’ve hitched my wagon to the imaginary star of “potential” only to be left on the ground still waiting to get anywhere


You’re complete all on your own

“You’re my missing puzzle piece. I’m complete.” — Katy Perry


Why do so many single people tend to feel like shit about themselves and desperate to get into any kind of relationship? Because of this shit right there.

The notion of this lyric implies you’re incomplete without a significant…

Unhealthy attachment will kill promising connection every time

We’ve all met someone we felt an instant connection with. Like you’d known each other a lifetime. Things just flow. You might even feel like you knew them in another life.

I hear more stories than I can count where women feel a deep connection, it fizzles, he disappears, or…

Your punishment is living with your betrayal

Iwas catching up on the HBO show Big Little Lies because I’m hip and on the pulse of pop culture and, without really spoiling it for anyone else equally as hip, one of the wives cheats on her husband.

The more she realizes how much her husband loves her and…

How to spot, deal with, and avoid them.

The ego is a tragic thing.

It’s shatters faster than it can be built. It’s an institution for which there is no proper schooling, and a place where delusions thrive like mold on wet garbage. They can become bigger than an elephant in an outhouse.

People give in to their egos the same way an abandoned…

4 worries you’ll never have

I read about a woman who described her tragic affair with a married man as “the most beautiful and fulfilling experience of her life.” She insisted that “Every woman is missing out if she never has this kind of magical, perfect romance at least once.”

Funny, I always thought a…

Niki Marinis

Weird Girl, thrift store owl collector, heartbreaker, lush, aspiring adult. IG: DocJohnnyFever

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