5 Reasons Guys Want Nudes

Niki Marinis
4 min readJan 13, 2021
Katie Dutch — used with permission

When’s the last time some douchewad messaged you, “Send me some nudes!” I’m guessing it was five minutes ago.

These guys are asking for nudes before they’re even asking for your actual phone number.

Why are they constantly asking for naked pictures? We know men love to look at naked women, and there’s no shortage of them on the interwebs.

But why do men expect women they barely know to bend over in a mirror, or contort their legs over their heads like circus performers, and take personalized “just for you” pics of their nether regions?

1. They never plan to see you in person

If you meet a guy online and he immediately starts asking for nudes, it’s pretty safe to say he doesn’t plan on doing anything but jerking off to them once or twice, sharing them with his friends, and then forgetting all about them and you.

Yes, they share them. I’ve seen guys stand around at the bar comparing their collections.

He doesn’t want to get to know you, he only wants to know what you look like in front of a mirror, standing next to a toilet without any clothes on.

Standing next to a shitter in a picture trying to be sexy is anything but, by the way.

If a guy wants to meet you he’ll try and get at the real thing, not keep trying to reinforce that getting a nude pic from you is the only chance he’s willing to take.

2. They hope you’re a skank

If a guy’s asking for nudes before he’s had a chance to get to know you, he’s either pushing his luck, doesn’t respect you, or he asks every woman he meets for nudes. Thus proving he’s somebody you shouldn’t be wasting your time with anyway.

Pics are a cheap thrill, a lazy pass time for his enjoyment that only he benefits from. He gets nude pics of you and you get nothing from him in return except maybe a “compliment”.

“Your tits are hot baby” isn’t much of a compliment. But a lot of dumb hags are thrilled to think otherwise.

Maybe he’ll send you a set of nudes in return. Because that’s what all women are clamoring for: nude pictures of strangers dicks.

He wants skanky pics because he hopes that’s how you get down. He wants the thrill of fulfilling his fetish fantasies without any of that annoying emotional or intellectual interaction/attachment.

3. He’s trying to have sex with you without ever having sex with you

Maybe he already knows he doesn’t stand a chance. Maybe he’s got a wife.

Maybe he desires some minute sense of satisfaction in getting even the smallest piece of you because you already outright refused his advances, and his last attempt to use you sexually is to procure a few tasteless, skanked out pics.

Maybe it’s all the above.

It’s exploitation. It’s a way of using you. It’s almost the same thing as having sex, but he doesn’t have to be intimate with you in any way.

It’s insurance and protection against emotional involvement while ensuring you can still function as a tool in helping him get his rocks off.

He’s fucking you without fucking you.

4. They’re used to getting nudes

If a guy asks you for nudes in a way that’s matter of fact, chances are he’s got buckets of them, all from girls who love the attention and adrenaline rush of sending guys nude pics “they can jerk off to.”

Guys don’t discriminate. If he only wants something to yank it to, he’ll use any number of available outlets. Porn, pics of his BFF’s girlfriend, and yes, stashes of dirty pics from women he’s collected from all over. He’d like to add you to that bucket.

These men are used to getting what they want from women for nothing, especially sex. Pics are just easier to get.

5. He thinks he has the right

He believes he has the right to judge you by your appearance. He thinks he’s allowed to rate you on a scale of 1–10.

He believes he is right in demanding to know what you look like without your clothes on if you show any amount of skin in your pictures.

He wants to believe you don’t care about yourself and that it’s his right to take advantage of that. He knows many women will send him nude pics, along with his buddies and every other guy out there. Who are you to not conform?

Society has produced a breed of men who think they’re entitled to have the most beautiful women in the world. Hot, naked women are their God given right.

Case in point: Elliot Rodger, who shot up my alma mater, UC Santa Barbara, because he was a virgin who women weren’t throwing themselves at like the movies told him they would, and should.

It’s our right to not only say no, but say fuck you, buddy. You ain’t getting shit.

Examine why a man has resorted to asking you for nudes in the first place, especially if he doesn’t even know you. I know you might want to feel flattered and sexy. But, honey, don’t be. He’s mass texting that to every contact on Tinder AND showing it to his buddies.

Guys who really want you don’t need pics.

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